what's in this collection

file format .aof and .obj as the objects below
and the .3ds and .dwg as 1 file so you can make your own objects


          x300  y660  z2700                       x300  y660  z2700                       X380  y660  z2700                       x380  y660  z2700

        x457  y660  z1450                           x457  y660  z1450                       x457  y660  z2700                     x457  y660  z1450 

        x530  y660  z2700                          x990  y990  z1450                        x999  y999  z2700                    x990  y990  z2700

      x1220  y685  z2700                        x685   y1220  z2700                    x685  y660  z2700                      x1220  y660  z2700                 

      x1220  y660  z2700                        x1066  y660 z2700                      x990  y660  z2700                      x915  y660  z2700

      x840  y660   z2700                                Hood                                                  Hood                                        Hood

           Hood                                                  Hood                                                  Hood                                    x1066  y660  z2700

       x990  y660  z2700                           x915  y660  z2700                        x840  y660  z2700                     x760  y660  z2700

      x685  y660  z2700                         x1145  y660  z2700                      x300  y660  z2700                   you can change the x dir to make the kitchen fit

                       x533  y660  z2700                     you can change the x dir to make the kitchen fit

                                                             x457  y660  z2365                       x457  y660  z2365                        x4433  y1132  z1000