The Artlantis Render Contest 'still live', organized by and sponsored by Design8 bv,

has come to a close and the judges has reviewed the final submissions.

And the winners are:

1st Place: Tarik Kustura -


With the first place, tarik  Kustura winsʻThe Artlantis Attitudeʼ by Dwight Atkinson  and  medierranean palm trees an pines VB visual 3d utility verhicles from Dosch design   fruit vegetable collection

2nd Place: Jordi Vos

Runner-up Jordi Vos Artlantis  wins ʻThe Artlantis Attitudeʼ by Dwight Atkinson and the Fruit vegetable collection
from  mediterranean small plants V.B Visual

3rd Place: Jordan Torres de la Cruz

 With the third place, Jordan Torres de la Cruz wins The Artlantis marbel schaders 100 pice's and the fruit an vegetable collection from

The renders were judged by Marijke Schaper (,  Orlando Sardaro (Design8 bv). and Alain Picard from Abvent
They were judged for photorealismcreativity, lighting, the use of objects and materials and the interpretation of the theme: ‘still live’.
unfortunately the third judge was not able to react on this contest so we have ask marijke again

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all the participants and judges for making this contest a great success!